Giving » 2022-2023 Donor List

2022-2023 Donor List

The Adelson School

2022-2023 Donor Listing


Alli and Jamie Abrahamson

Dr. Miriam Adelson

Albert and Cynthia Aizenstat

Rachel and Tony Allen

Amazon Smile


Ilana AybarAgron

Evelyn and Ole Bark

Courtney and Daniel Bass Sherizen

Matt Boland

Elsa Blinder and Leon Perel

Laura Bruni

Nicole Ceccacci and Roy Crawford

Nicole and Robert Cilento

Denisse and Houston Crosta

April and Marc Dien

Sivan and Patrick Dumont

Jackie Edery

Dorit and Shawn Evenhaim

Terry and Frank Feng

Melvin and Betty Fine Foundation

Sonya and Michael Finkelstein

Fletcher Jones Family

Gloria Frankel

Marc Friedland

Ariel Garber and Scott Goldstein

Monica and Joseph Garin

Gelatt-Gephart Foundation

Brian Glicklich

Rhonda Glyman

Nicole and Jonathan Goldberg

Goldman Sachs

Peter Gordon

Cathleen and Colin Haggerty

Brandi and Paul Hamilton

Gretchen Pohaski and Chris Harris

Mary Hendrickson

Amy Hershberg

Felicia and Ben Horowitz

Anna and Boris Itkis

Lili Xu and Adam Kahn

Dorit Kalev

Laurie Kaufmann

Kellie and Daniel Kelly

Benjamin Koch

Sadok Kohen

Caroline and Mark Kuperstock

Ka Lai Tsai and See Wai Lee

Inha Lee and Joshua Sigel

Vivian and Jeffrey Levisman

Emily and Charles Litt

Barbara Lockhart

Ying Luo and Eric Anderson

Stacey and Barak Lurie

Diana Mason

Camille and Michael McCue

Vince Merrell

Sharon Metz

Network For Good

Steve O'Connor

Todd Peters

Phillip Porter Scholarship Fund

Neville Pokroy

Diane Polonsky

Jillian and Eric Potashnick

Melissa and Thomas Puckett

Rite-Hite Corporation Foundation

Debbie and Jon Roxarzade

Jay Ruderman

Jamie and Pej Sabet

Sage Dining Services Inc.

Stephanie and Brad Saunders

Caline and Adam Schwartz

Shari Schwartz

Melanie and Steven Schwerdtfeger

Rebecca and Shaul Shabat

Judi Siegel

Barbara and David Silverberg

Leah and Chris Squatritto

Ari Stotland

Jill and Ben Super

Thomas Spiegel Family Foundation

Par Tolles

Carol and Michael Tsai

Vegas Vegan Culinary School

Janet Wellish

Cheri and Brett White

Natalia and Jason Wilk


Note: Donor listing is reflective of contributions received between July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. To make corrections, please contact Dorit Kalev at [email protected] or 702.515.8393.