This Week in Upper School

This Week in Middle School

Friday, May 12, 2023


Fourth Annual Brett Fonfa Writing Awards

We are pleased to announce the results of the Fourth Annual Brett Fonfa Writing Contest. Upper School students were invited to submit original works of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction writing to the contest. Thank you to the Fonfa Family for this special, annual event, honoring the memory and passion of their beloved son. Additional thanks to Adelson Librarian Jen Nails and Academic Department Chair of English Abigail Moyal for organizing and running the event and to our faculty and alumni judges who had the pleasure of reading the many quality submissions. 


Middle School Winners

First Place: Yael Izkhakov

Second Place: Ethan Cohen

Third Place: Noah Sabet


High School Winners

First Place: Dara Braunstein

Second Place: Sabrina Colacicchi

Third Place: Havanna Schwerdtfeger



Lag BaOmer

Lag BaOmer is celebrated as a day of great joy and festivity. One of the most popular traditions is to light bonfires, which can be seen throughout the country. Many people also participate in parades, listen to music, and have picnics with friends and family.


As part of learning about the holiday, the 7th grade students, together with the Shinshinim and Morah Talya, created bows and arrows.


According to tradition, the arrow that points upward toward the heavens is associated with the idea of spiritual elevation.


Mensch of the Month

This month’s honoree has shown tremendous growth over the course of her Middle School career. On the field trip, she was mature and helpful in assisting the chaperones with organization and optimism. She has shown leadership throughout the school year by helping to improve school events, putting in work as well as ideas. And in a moment of true integrity, she showed her school spirit with honesty that upholds our Jewish values. Congratulations to Armineh McTarian on being May’s Mensch of the Month!


Semester Exam Schedule

Monday, May 22 through Thursday, May 25 will be exam week in the Upper School. During these days, a special schedule will be observed. Students should arrive at school before 8:00 am as normal, but they will have extra time to settle into their classes with the first exam block starting at 8:25 am. There is early dismissal before lunch at 11:25 am each day.


During Finals Week -- Monday 5/22 through Thursday 5/25 -- students may wear Spirit attire to school. (Please remember that jeans must be in good repair.)



This Week in High School



As chair of the science department and program lead for Adelson’s Biomedical Science focus area, Ms. Paula Garrett coaches her students to work like scientists, including cultivating their presentation skills in “poster sessions.” Over the last several weeks, Ms. Garrett has been working with students in her Environmental Public Health classes to have them develop and present scientific research posters on a variety of topics from toxic mine cleanup to global climate change. Students presented their posters to faculty and peers this week, sparking exciting discussions about important science topics!



Our final High School Mensch of the Month for this school year is an individual who is a helper in every way.  She has a wonderful eye for aesthetics and she's led our photography efforts for this year's yearbook. She has stepped in to assist our administrators in packaging books and special mementos for students and teachers.  When you need help to get an event set up -- or really do anything -- she's "at the ready."  This Mensch is kind, helpful, and always willing to step up to make our school more efficient, more beautiful, and more responsive.  She does the right thing, actually she does more than the right thing, without being asked, and she expects nothing in return. We are excited to announce this month’s High School Mensch of the month is AVIVA HAFTER!



Upcoming Events for All Upper School


Monday, May 15:

Middle School Sports Awards, 2:00pm, Adelson Theater


Wednesday, May 17:

Senior Siyyum and College Signing


Thursday, May 18:

Class of 2023 High School Graduation, 5:30pm, Adelson Theater


Friday, May 19:

Middle School 8th Grade Celebration, Reception - 10:30-11:00; Ceremony - 11:00-12:00





This Week in Middle School

Friday, May 5, 2023


8th Grade Trip to Washington DC

This week, the 8th Grade Students traveled to Washington DC to culminate their year of learning in American History.  The trip was packed with a tour of the United States Capitol and site-seeing of many national monuments, such as the World War II Memorial, the Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial, and the Washington Monument.  There were incredible learning opportunities at museums such as George Washington’s Mount Vernon, several Smithsonian Museums, and the International Spy Museum.  Students also had fun as they enjoyed a dinner and dance cruise on the Potomac River.  


One highlight of the trip was at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum when Ethan Cohen led Kaddish, the prayer for the dead, inside the Hall of Remembrance in front of the Eternal Flame. It was a very meaningful and moving moment for our group. We’re thankful for our chaperones, Ms. Moyal, Mr. Peters, Ms. King, and Mr. Mello, who helped support such an amazing experience for students.

Mensch of the Month

The Middle School Mensch of the Month is Braden Mulkey! Braden cares about everyone in our community and frequently volunteers to help inside and outside the classroom.  He is always kind and considerate. Braden is a good listener, but he also knows when it is time to ask questions. Braden is known for his consistent “good mornings” and asking “how is your day going?” which always communicates sincere care for each person in our community. Mazel tov, Braden!




This Week in High School



Students in Rhy Robinson’s art class have been creating custom art works for teachers throughout the school, meeting with their “clients” to discuss their ideas, then painting them and delivering them to classrooms and offices.  Here’s a beautiful piece Havanna Schwerdtfeger created for Dr. McCue, because (of course!) – our HS Principal loves her Corgis! (And you can also see the lovely piece hanging on the wall that Emily Rahim painted last year!)




Upcoming Events for All Upper School


Tuesday, May 9:  

7/8 Boys Tennis at Faith Lutheran, 4 PM


Friday, May 12:

Brett Fonfa Awards, 10:40am, Adelson Theater


Monday, May 15:

Middle School Sports Awards, 2:00pm, Adelson Theater


Wednesday, May 17:

Senior Siyyum and College Signing


Thursday, May 18:

Class of 2023 High School Graduation, 5:30pm, Adelson Theater


Friday, May 19:

Middle School 8th Grade Celebration, Reception - 10:30-11:00; Ceremony - 11:00-12:00



This Week in Middle School

Friday, April 28, 2023


From Great Sorrow to Great Joy - Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut

This week, our students observed memorial day, Yom HaZikaron, to honor the fallen soldiers and victims of terrorism in Israel.  To memorialize those lost, the students participated in a ceremony at the beginning of the day to remember the stories of the brave men and women and their impact on their families and friends, Israel, and the world. Students listened to the siren, an important part of the observation in Israel.

From sadness, the students moved to a joyful celebration of Yom HaAtzmaut and Israel’s 75th Anniversary.  All students joined the field for a special opening ceremony.  Later in the day, middle school students created tiles in celebration of Israel, participated in fun relays and games, and watched a faculty vs. student basketball game, a Yom HaAtzmaut tradition.


The Pirates of Penzance Junior

In previous years, the middle school students were a part of the musical with the high school students, but this week the Middle School presented its first-ever musical dedicated to the musical.  The cast of sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students has been working since August on the production, and their hard work paid off with two successful performances on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  The students made this production their own, including several specific references to our school! The audience laughed at the jokes, applauded the musical and dance numbers, and left with a smile on their faces from the talents of our students.  Congratulations on an outstanding production! VIEW PHOTOS


Middle School Awards

A proud tradition of the Middle School is holding our annual Awards Ceremony on Yom HaAtamaut.  We honor our students’ accomplishments throughout the year by bestowing recognitions named in honor of remarkable Israeli men and women who have made an impact on their industry, their country, and the world.

We also presented the Middle School’s Three Highest Honors - the President’s Award for Academic Achievement, the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, and the Sheldon G. Adelson Crown of a Good Name Award.  Congratulations to Yael Izkhakov for earning the President’s Award for Academic Achievement, Leana Tran for earning the President’s Award for Educational Excellence, and Ethan Cohen for earning the Sheldon G. Adelson Crown of a Good Name Award!


Celebrate Israel’s 75th Anniversary

As a culmination of their studies this year, the sixth grade Judaic Studies course prepared a thirty minute production to showcase and celebrate Israel!  During the production, students danced, sang, and showcased the diversity and richness of Israel over the past 75 years. Mazel Tov to the students and their teacher, Mr. Edery, for this amazing performance. WATCH VIDEO




This Week in High School



Junior and senior robotics team members – including “FIRST Dean’s List” award-winner junior Ruby Heath – attended the FIRST World Championship in Houston.  Accompanied by their coaches, Robin Pence and Shahar Givol, they brought back all sorts of tips and tricks to share and begin strategizing for competition next year. They also got to tour the Mission Control facilities used for the Apollo II moon mission at NASA Johnson Space Center!






Congratulations to the 25 Adelson High School students – along with their wonderful coaches, Mr. Brian Hemsworth and Morah Hila Havdala, and our amazing parent chaperones – who spent this past week competing at ICDC, the prestigious international DECA business competition! Our students had the opportunity to compete against peers in business events to determine “the best of the best,” make like-minded friends from across the globe, and enjoy a bit of fun in Orlando. For the second time in his high school career, senior Jack Kim made it to the top twenty finalists in Finance. Additionally, the sophomore team of Asher Leventhal, Kenley Gowdy, and Athena Clegg won top ten nationally in Virtual Business Challenge!





At the close of each school year, the Adelson High School celebrates the many academic accomplishments of our students by honoring course performance, competition excellence, and character at the High School Academic and Character Awards ceremony. Take a look at the many amazing award winners we celebrated this week!