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Purposeful learning in a supportive environment.
The pivotal years of high school are everything. It’s an exciting time of self-discovery as your teen learns what they’re capable of and what possibilities lie ahead. It can be a stressful time as they consider the college application process — will they get into a good college? Will their grades be good enough? Will they have the right extracurricular activities and experiences to build their resumé and ensure they stand out? 
At The Adelson School, high school is a time of academic challenge, personal growth, and plenty of fun. We’re small enough to be a close-knit community, and we have the resources and faculty to offer big opportunities.
From individualized instruction by teachers who feel like family, to intensive college and career prep, Adelson offers a uniquely meaningful learning environment and commitment to Jewish values. Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we offer.
Considering private high school options?
To get the best feel of our program and all we have to offer, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with our Admissions Director, Nicole Ceccacci. Nicole can be reached at (702) 515-8209 or [email protected].
Intensive, Individualized Academics
Students can choose the academic track — college prep, honors, and advanced placement — that best fits their goals. Material is taught through hands-on learning, emphasizing the application of skills and concepts, not just the memorization of facts and theory. Core courses, such as English, science, math, history and social studies, challenge students through deep reading, critical analysis, and discussion-based learning. For more information about course offerings, please see our curriculum guide.
Because classes are small, students share a strong sense of community, not only among their peers but also with their instructors. They grow in confidence, knowing they can approach faculty and staff and get the help they need.
Focus Area Electives
High school students can explore their interests as they choose electives from five Focus Areas to provide a more extensive pursuit and career-oriented curriculum.






Get hands-on with 21st-century business concepts from robotic technology and cybersecurity to entrepreneurship as you engage with the business world through internships, faculty and practitioner mentoring, and membership in DECA, a globally-recognized organization for leadership development.







Media, Arts, and Communications (MAC)

Focus on all things creative from 2D and 3D art to animation, filmmaking, music composition, and participation in the school band and theater productions.











Learn from an expert instructor who brings real-life experience as an attorney, participate in a mock trial, and join our model UN program, which will expand your understanding of international politics and laws.








Engage in college-caliber learning of biomedical sciences by engaging with virtual reality, getting hands-on with medical manikins, and deepening your understanding of anatomy by building body parts.





Jewish Studies




Jewish Studies

If you’re seeking to grow a deeper understanding of Jewish heritage and identity, faith leaders on the Adelson faculty provide mentorship and in-depth religious instruction.






Organizations, Clubs, Competitions & Showcases
Adelson high school students step up, pitch in, and make progress together as they participate, lead, and compete in clubs, competitions, and showcases. Robotics, DECA, mock trial, Moot Beit Din, Future Health Professionals (HOSA), theater, band — students can pursue their interests while earning valuable experience and skills. 
A Welcoming Culture Built on Jewish Values
The Adelson School welcomes Jewish and non-Jewish families; you’ll feel a strong sense of community here. Our culture draws upon the Jewish heritage, traditions, and perspectives to provide a rich context for growth and achievement. Students find scholarly value, personal value, and communal value in the Jewish aspects of the Adelson experience. 
Robust Arts Offerings
Adelson students can engage in the visual arts, performing arts, digital art, and music. Our community comes together in our 340-seat, professional-grade theater to watch student performances.

High School Performance


Adelson Community Theatre (ACT)

Grades 9-10
In ACT, students learn far more than the artistic and technical aspect of putting on a production. Through the collaborative tasks of writing or choosing a script, casting, staging, advertising, and more, students hone the soft skills they will need in any career path they choose.


Athletics for All
At Adelson, every student is involved in athletics. With several sports to choose from, students can play a favorite sport or try a new one. The Adelson campus includes a gymnasium for each school (Lower and Upper) with a basketball court in each,indoor running track, and an outdoor soccer field with adjacent tennis courts. We’re also the only private school in Las Vegas with a 25-meter indoor pool on campus! 
Vibrant Student Life
High school is a time for having fun and making memories. Adelson high school students have the benefit of being part of an intimate community where each individual is known and valued, and they’re encouraged to participate in student events, dances, Homecoming, field trips, traditions, and more. 
Exceptional Educators
Our faculty are experts in their fields, teaching from their own professional experience and bringing valuable real-world lessons into the classroom. They’re compassionate people who care about their students, making themselves accessible so students feel comfortable asking for help.
The Path to College
Students need individualized support and guidance as they build their resume, evaluate options, and navigate the college application process. Whether a high school student starts at Adelson in 9th grade or 12th, we develop an individualized Path to College. These individualized plans include college counseling, test prep, and workshops.

9th Grade

Students work one-on-one with our college counselor to develop their Path to College. In addition to laying out the concrete steps involved in the college application process, the Path to College is also a snapshot of a student’s strengths and growth opportunities to ensure the right strategies are in place to set them up for success.


10th Grade

Students take an expert PSAT prep course in the first quarter of sophomore year and continue to customize their Path to College as Focus Area electives, athletics, clubs, and competitions start providing even more clarity and direction. Our college counselor helps students focus on building their resumés and planning coursework and experiences that will be the most impactful.


11th Grade

Students take an SAT prep course in the first quarter of junior year — this course has proven to increase scores as much as 200-300 points. College and university visits get underway as well as meetings with university representatives who visit campus. 


12th Grade

Our college counselor works closely with individually with students to match their unique interest and skills, what they want to do with their lives, and what impact they want to make with colleges that make an ideal fit. They work together to prepare portfolios and assist students with securing scholarships. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that 100% of Adelson graduates receive acceptance to a four-year college or university. 







The Adelson School really prepared me for college and the next chapter in my life. The curriculum and expert teachers really pushed me and allowed me to go farther than I ever thought possible. I was ready for college on day one!

Ben Khavkin

Adelson School Alumni ('19)



School Culture

Building confidence and ability.
High school can be a challenging season as teens begin to understand the long-term impact their actions will have on future goals. We guide our students through this time by:
  • Awards21Encouraging involvement. Students aren’t invisible here — they actively engage in their education and our community. We help them grow their confidence as we challenge and encourage them to try new things. They feel safe and supported as they develop resilience. 
  • Teaching life skills. While core concepts and courses are key for growth and learning, students also cultivate life skills, such as collaboration and conflict resolution. As they navigate juggling assignments and extracurriculars, they learn to responsibly manage their time, stay organized, and self-advocate.
  • Giving back. Volunteer experiences offer students deep engagement through sustained, hands-on experiences that challenge them to think empathetically and advocate for those in need.
A Safe, Supportive Environment
We make safety a priority so that Adelson students are able to flourish and excel as they build confidence and develop the skills they need for college and life. We take physical safety seriously, as every staff member and volunteer undergoes a background check, and we have surveillance cameras throughout our gated campus.
We are proud to be a drug-free campus; we have a full-time head nurse and conduct drug tests to ensure we remain that way. We emphasize digital safety through teaching students what it means to be good digital citizens; we have internet filters and flagging systems in place.
Should conflict arise, we teach restorative practices to help students navigate the interpersonal challenges they will experience in life.
Experience the Adelson High School Advantage
Discover what it feels like to be deeply connected within a learning community where your student is known, respected and challenged to live a meaningful, empathetic life. Visit us here at The Adelson School!