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Kosher Facility

School Lunch, Fine Dining

outdoor courtyardAdelson’s dining commons provides an uncommonly fine kosher menu of healthy, delicious food made fresh daily.

Our families appreciate the selection of food that supports a variety of diets, including:

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free

Whatever your child’s dietary needs and preferences, he or she will enjoy real food made fresh daily in the Adelson kitchens.


Kosher Meals

Families who observe laws of kashrut can rely on the school lunch menu to be entirely kosher. All food selection and preparation at Adelson is performed within strict rabbinical guidelines.


Restaurant-Style Dining

The atmosphere is unlike the average school cafeteria. We are proud of the restaurant-like feel of our dining commons. Reminiscent of the finer establishments found on a college campus, this is a comfortable space designed to foster conversation and connection.

Come dine with us! We’ll be sure to give you an opportunity to taste and experience Adelson’s dining commons for yourself.


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