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Connection in Community

At Adelson, Everyone Adds Value

We believe in equality.

No person is more or less worthy of kavod (honor and respect) than anyone else, regardless of ideology, race, religion, sexual orientation or gender.


We believe inclusion fosters connection.

Communities that regard every individual as equally deserving of respect create bridges of understanding, empathy and kindness, and therefore, learning. 


We believe connection is key to building a better world.

And we believe everyone contributes to the vision. Everyone is capable of advancing the community in ways that may be small or profound, which empowers us to make a meaningful impact on the world.

Adelson Shabbat Service

What Connection Looks Like

Spend a little time here, and it won’t take long to see the unique connectedness of our community.
It’s in the small things. Children opening doors for one another. Civil discussions from differing viewpoints. Parents and teachers committed to their partnership. Encouragement in the face of failure. Celebration of sincere effort.
That is what we strive for every day at the Adelson School.

Adelson Preschool

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