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Drug Free Campus

The Adelson Advantage: A Drug-Free Campus

As part of Adelson’s efforts to be among the safest PK-12 campuses in the state, we perform random testing to ensure all faculty, staff and students are drug-free at all times.



Part of Our Safe, Secure Environment

While our high investment in security helps ensure our campus is  safe, personal connections between faculty, staff, students and parents help foster a sense of safety within the Adelson community. That sense of safety is made complete with our efforts to ensure personal health and wellbeing.


Our Investment in Your Child’s Wellbeing

Random drug testing is a part of our holistic approach to promoting mental, emotional, physical and social wellness on campus. Wellness is the product of the positive culture we create together and the student services we provide.

A positive drug test can identify students who have just started using drugs and refer them to treatment. Testing also benefits kids who have never tried drugs by helping to create a drug-free culture that significantly reduces the risk of peer pressure. 

All of this contributes to making our community healthier, safer, and more secure.