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Lower School at Adelson: Kindergarten-Grade 5

As a parent, you know that the formative years set a foundation for the future. From kindergarten to fifth grade, your child will not only build academic skills; they will also mature emotionally, blossom socially, and develop values through which they will experience the world. At The Adelson School, everything we do in Lower School is designed to nurture the whole child, preparing them for a bright future while instilling an authentic love for learning.
If you’re looking for a private elementary school in the Las Vegas area, we encourage you to explore all the reasons families choose Adelson. Founded on Jewish values, we are open and inclusive to all families. Regardless of your faith background, we believe you will find a strong sense of community on our campus.
Below, you’ll find an overview of our Lower School program, including:
Questions about Kindergarten - Fifth Grade at Adelson?
Educational Philosophy
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A Welcoming Community With Strong Values
At Adelson, students are known by their teachers…and even teachers who have not taught them directly! Our hallways are a place where students are greeted by name and feel a deep sense of belonging. This personal attention carries over into our classrooms through daily differentiated instruction. We understand that students learn in unique ways — and we think that’s a beautiful thing! Through a mix of whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction, teachers tailor their lessons to help every child reach their potential.
While building their academic foundation, students develop strong values, such as:
  • Respect for all
  • Understanding differences
  • Academic excellence
  • Connection through community
  • Honoring Judaism
Adelson Distinctives
Experiential Learning That Builds a Solid Academic Foundation
Attitudes about learning are developed early on, which is why there is significant emphasis on enriching, hands-on learning experiences in the Lower School. As students learn by doing, they develop evergreen skills such as creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration.
While building their academic foundation, students develop strong values, such as:
  • Language Arts
  • Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Jewish Studies
  • Hebrew Language 
In addition to core subject areas, students have weekly specials in coding and robotics, library, art, music, and physical education.
Cultivating Skills
Cultivating Skills for Lifelong Learning
Adelson students learn how to learn. Hands-on projects, discussion-based learning, inquiry, and real-world application help Lower School students feel a sense of ownership in their learning and develop skills they’ll use for a lifetime, such as:
  • Independence: taking initiative and moving forward unprompted
  • Self-advocacy: recognizing when they need help and asking for it
  • Executive functioning: caring for themselves, managing their time, and staying organized
  • Positive reinforcement: encouraging others and themselves
  • Teamwork: collaborating with others to complete a task together
  • Problem-solving: identifying a problem and developing and evaluating creative solutions
Enrichment Opportunities
Lower school students are eager to learn new skills and pursue their unique interests. We provide after-school enrichment opportunities that allow children to explore a variety of hobbies, sports, and artistic pursuits from a young age. A few favorites include:
  • Swim lessons and swim team Tennis classes
  • Chess
  • Cross country running
  • Art
  • Drama (acting and technical production)
  • Spanish
  • Cirque-style acrobatics
  • Dance
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Volleyball
Enriching Projects That Bring Learning to Life
Adelson's Lower School is known for engaging themed units, hands-on projects, and milestone events that invite families to be a part of our student's growth. The examples below provide a small glimpse into the vibrant world of learning Adelson's larger curriculum provides, grade by grade. 
Kindergarten — My Place in Space
Students study the Earth, sun, and moon. Through a field trip to the planetarium, kindergartners are inspired to discover their place in the universe and protect our planet.
First Grade — Fairytales Unit
Students read fairytales from around the world, exploring the elements of timeless stories, tracking characters, and examining problems and solutions. 
Second Grade — Symbols Unit
Students learn about the main symbols of the United States and Israel through an integrated approach that spans across multiple disciplines.
Third Grade — U.S. Study
Students explore the United States region-by-region, including Native American tribes, cultures, and traditions. 
Fourth Grade — Wax Museum
Students choose a famous person and create a timeline of their life. Later, at the Wax Museum event, they provide a first-person account of their accomplishments both in English and Hebrew.
Fifth Grade — Tanakh Ceremony
Fifth graders reflect on their time in Lower School and showcase their best work during our Tanakh Ceremony, a special event for families - that honors student growth. 

Words From a Lower School Parent




Since the first day we arrived on campus to tour with Ryan, we knew the school was everything we wanted for him – strong academics, Jewish values, and a caring community. Every day at Adelson, Ryan learns from passionate and inspirational teachers, staff that treat him like family, and by motivated peers and involved families. We’re a Jewish family that continues to grow in our faith, and we believe that the superior education and strong values of the Adelson School is by far the right choice for our family.

Rachel & Tony Allen, Adelson Parents

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