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Mission & Values

Our Mission:

The Adelson School provides a compelling state-of-the-art education in a safe and nurturing environment. We develop the leaders of tomorrow by encouraging and supporting academic rigor, critical thinking, and a meaningful understanding of Jewish values, history, culture, and The State of Israel.

Our Commitment to Diversity
The Adelson School is an inclusive community that welcomes families of all faiths and affiliations. We maintain a deep respect for ideological diversity, holding to the value that everyone’s opinion matters as we seek to build a better world together.

Adelson School Values: RUACH
Adelson ShabbatIn Hebrew, ruach means “spirit” or “breath”. Here at Adelson, RUACH is the spirit that drives our community. It stands for:
Respect for All
We believe everyone is equally deserving of respect and offer kavod (honor and respect) to all accordingly.
Understanding Differences
We encourage dialogue across difference, teaching students to ask questions and seek understanding.
Academic Excellence
Our students develop a work ethic that drives them to exceed standards in pursuit of personal, self-defined goals.
Connection in Community
Staff, faculty, students and parent-guardians at Adelson share a commitment to partner with one another. Our interconnectedness creates more than a strong academic environment. It gives our students a sense of safety and belonging.
Honoring Judaism
Finally, we embrace the exploration of universal, humanistic values through the lens of Jewish tradition and ethos.


Experience RUACH at the Adelson School

Come and see it - feel it - for yourself.


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