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Performing Arts

The Adelson Advantage: Performing Arts

Artistic expression encourages creative thinking, boldness in sharing ideas, and a sense of self-worth and confidence - characteristics and ways of being that we strive to cultivate in each of our students. For some, innate artistic talent nurtured from early childhood can blossom into masterful, awe-inspiring performances.

Whatever your child’s interests, he or she will have ample opportunity for self-expression at Adelson as early as preschool. For older students who are interested in the performing arts, we offer constructive guidance and challenging experiences to help them grow as artists.


AEC private schoolPerforming Arts Programs

Your child can choose to pursue one or both of two performing arts program.


Drama, Musical Theater, and the Stage and Screen Arts

In addition to theater electives and clubs during the school day, students in Adelson’s theater program perform in our beautiful 290-seat theater. Our Lower School (grades K-5th) meets after school to prepare for a major production each spring. 

In our Upper School, the middle school (grades 6-8th) puts on a play each fall and a musical each spring. High schoolers (grades 9-12th) engage in more intensive production projects through ACT programs.


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Music, Band, and Intro to Music Technology


Lower School

Children from pre-K to 4th grade at Adelson explore their love of music in a music room dedicated to elementary instruction. Starting in the 5th grade, students are introduced to the school’s band, where they will be mentored by more experienced performers and learn to become mentors themselves. 


Upper School

In the Upper School, the Adelson band sets the tone for all of the school’s community engagements, including our athletic events, and is at the center of the school’s Jewish life. 


Music technology is addressed throughout both divisions using various applications. 


Elective Offerings


Adelson offers elective courses in Theatre and Cinema Arts, allowing students to use acting, writing, and directing to hone their creative skills and build self-confidence via the stage and screen. Additionally, upper school students engage in our yearly theatrical productions through the ACT (Adelson Community Theatre) program. 



Nurturing Community

AEC private schoolThe key advantage for Adelson students interested in the performing arts are the opportunities available to them within our uniquely connected community. 

Students who might feel discouraged by the competitive atmosphere elsewhere, will find the door is open here to try. Our students feel welcome to experiment with acting, directing, conducting, and set, costume, lighting and sound design. Students are encouraged to improvise and compose, and the unique ensembles lend themselves to being a very creative outlet.  

For those who are interested, we work closely with students in the high school to develop their performing arts resumes. Performing arts faculty reach out to partners outside of the Adelson community to provide immersive experiences in both the music and theater industries. 


Adelson Community Theatre (ACT)

In ACT, 9th and 10th graders put on a student-directed production. Through the collaborative tasks of writing or choosing a script, casting, staging, advertising and much more, students hone the soft skills they will need in any career path they choose.