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Welcome to Preschool

Adelson Preschool (18 months-Junior Kindergarten)

Introducing your child to a warm, safe, progressive community built on Jewish values.

This is a momentous time in your child’s life, when the world expands beyond the confines of home. You want your child to be safe and loved, and prepared for all that is to come.


As the first introduction to our Lower School, Preschool at Adelson provides that ideal environment where children are nurtured and known as part of our family. Here, they are free to explore the world around them, and grow and develop into lifelong learners.



The RUACH Environment

AEC preschoolBuilt on Adelson's RUACH values, the Lower School is a connected and inclusive community that helps children feel safe and secure. Creating this environment is an  important prerequisite for learning.


Safety in Relationship

We come to know our Preschool children and their families intimately to create a sense of connection you’ll find is unique. Your child will feel comfortable here, free to explore, and take on new challenges. Our teachers partner closely with you to support learning at home as well.



Mutual respect (kavod) is offered equally to everyone at Adelson as a community norm, and we believe it’s never too early to expect children to grasp the heart of this value. Part of modeling kavod for our children is giving them a voice and encouraging them to develop it.


Ours is also a highly secure campus, providing an abundance of physical safety for your child and peace of mind for you.


Learning Through Play

Your child will have fun here, but there is much more happening as they play than meets the eye. Play is powerful. Children not only develop physically in play but learn through experience how to manage their emotions, work together, and creatively solve problems.


Our Preschool teachers integrate play into important lessons that model the value of social rules, scientific exploration, math concepts through games, phonics through songs, and much more.


Early Childhood Development

The goal of the Adelson Preschool is to promote your child’s growth and development in these foundational years. Our skilled teachers use engaging activities, hands-on projects and explorations to introduce children to important academic concepts and skills in preparation for kindergarten.


AEC preschool

Intro to Academics

Preschool programming is differentiated between three groups: 18+ months, 2-year-olds, and 3-year-olds. It culminates in the Junior Kindergarten program, which tests kindergarten preparedness benchmarks.



AEC preschoolChildren are taught both English and Hebrew in the context of Jewish cultural experiences. Bilingual exposure supports authentic language skill development and cognitive development.


Reading and Writing

Through a combination of story time, phonics activities to break down word sounds and writing projects, children develop kindergarten-level reading comprehension and writing ability.


Math and Science

Children begin to grasp math concepts by playing games and manipulating objects that demonstrate what those concepts mean. They learn to connect their innate curiosity with the process of scientific inquiry, going outside to explore and make connections between their learning and the world around them.

Learning Skills

AEC preschoolAs they discover how the core subject areas above come together to provide answers, preschoolers are also learning how to learn. They develop skills that will be increasingly essential in kindergarten and beyond:


Independence - How to take initiative and move forward with confidence.

Self-advocacy - How to recognize when they need help and ask for it. 

Executive functioning - How to care for themselves and manage their time and possessions.

Motivation - How to channel their innate love of learning into pursuing their goals.

Teamwork - How to collaborate with others to complete a task.

Problem solving - How to identify problems and develop creative solutions. 


Jewish Studies

Jewish identity and ethos are the foundation of our humanistic, universal values. For this reason, explorations of Jewish culture, traditions, and learning are woven throughout the Lower School curriculum and daily life.


Cultural Enrichment

All children in Adelson’s Preschool benefit from our explorations of Jewish culture and values regardless of religious background. Children hear poems, sing songs, participate in dance, learn Hebrew, and explore our connection to the land of Israel, all in celebration of Jewish culture.


Preschool Outcomes

AEC preschoolBy the time your child completes junior kindergarten, he or she will be ready to take on the exciting challenges and opportunities that await in grades K-5. Throughout their time in our Lower School, they will continue to grow as curious and creative thinkers, empathetic and independent leaders, learning through experience the values that make our world a better place.

Tuition and Schedule Options

Early experiences in a child’s life that make her or him feel safe, encourage curiosity and promote mutual respect make deep impressions that support future success. We are building a foundation for a fulfilling, joyful, purposeful life. 

Learn more about your investment in this important work.


AEC preschoolReady to apply?


Right Start, the first program of its kind in Nevada, was created to increase awareness and access to Jewish early childhood programs for our community's families. Jewish Nevada Right Start provides a financial voucher as a one-time incentive for Jewish families enrolling their children in a Jewish infant, toddler, or preschool program for the first time.