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Student Services

The Adelson Advantage: Student Services


Adelson’s Support Services Team supplements and facilitates the work of all staff and faculty to care for the diverse intellectual, emotional and social needs of the young people we serve.

Support Services Provided

Adelson counselors support our students’ social-emotional health by leading grade level or classroom-specific discussions to help students grow into confident, independent, and empathetic human beings. In connection with the School’s advisory program which provides another layer of support, counselors guide our students to understand how to evaluate options, resolve conflicts, seek support, and cultivate healthy and meaningful circles of friends that foster our school community.


If your child has been diagnosed with a neurodiversity, our Educational Specialists will meet with you during the admission process to discuss your child’s particular challenges and needs. If we have the resources to support your child’s diverse needs, our Educational Specialists will create an Individualized Accommodation Plan (IAP) or an Educational Support Plan (ESP), which becomes the roadmap for our teachers to implement. 


Although Adelson does not offer a special education program, we offer a support program that helps students be academically successful with their grade level peers.