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Welcome to Adelson

Investing in Your Child. Embracing Your Family.

The Adelson School is the only PK-12 Jewish community school in Nevada. Students are not only educated here. They are known. Founded on Jewish values and ethos, inclusive and open to all, the Adelson School is a place where you and your child will feel truly embraced.

Adelson studentsAll They May Become

Our goals for every student are ambitious. We share your desire to instill wisdom and compassion in your child; to make “why?” a question that drives them to learn; to teach them that there is strength and innovation in collaboration. 
We encourage them to take risks, because there is no failure within these halls. There are only false starts, mistakes from which we learn and develop renewed resilience to try again.

How the Journey Begins

For students at Adelson, that journey begins with a deep sense of belonging. It thrives on immersive learning opportunities. And it comes to fruition with dedicated expert educators who mentor and guide.


Children cannot learn kindness, compassion and fairness unless these ideals are demonstrated for them in a place where they feel safe. At Adelson, your child will connect with a close-knit, secure community where she or he will be embraced, encouraged, known.


From 18 months through the 12th grade, children experience uniquely individualized attention and opportunities to ask their own questions, explore, create and apply what they learn to make an impact on the world around them.


Adelson faculty and staff are passionate advocates for our students, dedicated to preparing your child for college, career, and a fulfilling life. It is our mission to leverage our collective talents and resources to encourage and inspire students to make a better world.


Adelson Technology students

Humanist Ethics and Wisdom Drawn from Jewish Tradition

The following message greets you in English and Hebrew when you enter our school:
“The world rests on three things: justice, truth, and peace.” 
- Rabbi Simeon ben Gamaliel (Avot 1:18)
These words reflect the values and Jewish ethos on which the Adelson School was built. The sense of belonging we create here is shared among Jewish and non-Jewish families alike.
Justice, truth and peace are ideals we all share. They serve as a foundation for the success of all Adelson students regardless of their religious practice.

Experience The Adelson School

Thank you for visiting our website. This is a great start in learning what Adelson has to offer your child.
But it’s only in experiencing Adelson through an on campus visit hat you’ll feel what really makes this place special. It’s the spirit of this community, the sense of family-like connectedness and visible, daily commitment to our mission that makes all the difference. 
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