3 Reasons Why Being a Drug-Free Campus Matters

At The Adelson School, we take these concerns seriously and go above and beyond to ensure our campus remains a safe and drug-free environment for teens. This provides peace of mind for parents and ensures our students can thrive academically, cultivate healthy social lives, and maintain good mental and emotional health.

Here are the top three reasons why we are committed to remaining a drug-free campus and what that looks like for our students and families:

  1. Safety is our top priority.

Simply put, drugs make a campus less safe. Whether teens are under the influence of drugs, carrying drugs with them, or involved in purchasing or selling drugs, they are not only compromising their own safety and well-being, they are also putting their friends and classmates at risk.

Random drug testing for students in grades 7-12 is one way that Adelson can secure our drug-free campus. Students know that every member of the Upper School community participates in drug testing a few times a year, and parents are happy for their children to take part in this initiative for the greater good of our community. 

  1. We strive for excellence in and out of the classroom. 

At The Adelson School, students know their teachers and the school administrators are invested in their futures, well beyond their academic success. This is reflected in our drug prevention education program, which begins in Middle School and continues throughout High School.

Prevention helps students become more aware of what they need to cultivate a balanced, healthy lifestyle. They are given the facts on how drug use impacts brain development, impairing judgment and lowering cognitive and intellectual functioning. We examine how these effects can hinder a student cognitively, socially, and developmentally, now and in the future.

We also discuss the realities of addiction. With increasing opioid use and the dangers of fentanyl as a counterfeit drug, it is important for students to understand how trying something once could be a fatal decision or lead to a lifelong struggle with addiction.

  1. We have high expectations of our students. 

As a Jewish community school, our students are encouraged to uphold key Jewish values. One of the things we discuss is treating yourself and others with respect and honor, and how drugs not only harm the user; they affect entire communities.

As Adelson students mature each year, they understand the importance of contributing positively to our school community, engaging in healthy discourse, and creating a safe space for all. While we hold our students to high standards, we do not expect perfection, and foster communication around overcoming mistakes and missteps. Our Mensch of the Month program honors students who have gone above and beyond in upholding our values and fostering a sense of community among their peers.

What questions do you have about our drug-free campus initiatives?

We welcome conversations with parents about our random drug testing, prevention education programs, and school values. To experience the vibrant and healthy community that exists on our campus, we invite you to schedule a tour and explore the opportunities for your teen at Adelson.